Multiple Updates

① 20th March 2024

We (FingerVision Inc.) have signed a joint development agreement with Yoshinoya Co. Ltd. to utilize robots to streamline and reduce labor in the dishwashing process. At Yoshinoya's 1,200 stores, employees manually soak dirty dishes, remove them individually, place them on washing machine racks, and then use dishwashers to clean them. We aim to automate this process using robots to efficiently handle various types of dirty dishes, reducing the time and effort involved. Through our robotic system implementation at the JR Kanda Station (Tokyo) store during peak hours (11 AM to 2 PM), we have successfully reduced the time for dish racking from 523 seconds to 289 seconds, resulting in a 101.7% increase in human-hour productivity. For further details, please refer to the provided links below:



② 14th March 2024

We (FingerVision Inc.) participated and exhibited at MODEX 2024 from 11th to 14th March 2024 in Atlanta (Georgia, USA). This time, we demonstrated our vision-based tactile sensor at our business partner, Idaka America Inc.'s booth. The news URL is mentioned below:


③ 20th November 2023

We participated in the world's largest technology exhibition, CES 2024, in Las Vegas (USA) from 9th to 12th January 2024. We held a live demonstration of collaborative robots with our vision-based tactile sensor. The news URL is mentioned below:


④ 26th July 2023

FingerVision's technology was showcased on the YouTube channel of the Prime Minister's Office of Japan (@pmojapan). Below is the URL of the video:


Dishwashing Robot (FingerVision and Yoshinoya)
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