1. Keynote speech at RCAAI 2023
  2. Obento demonstration at FOOMA 2023 was shown by NHK Japan
  3. Online lectures on robotics at NIT Patna and VIT-AP University are delivered successfully.
  4. Invited online talk at Robotics@Ireland
  5. Delivered a talk in academy training programs on the recent trends in robotics
  6. World's first robot for serving sticky side dishes with high accuracy
  7. Delivered a Talk on Robotics at K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik (India)
  8. Delivering a Talk on "Robotics for Caregiving: Learning Skills to Perform Clothing Assistance" at GOCMLC 2021
  9. My Experience is featured in "Voice of Graduate" inside "KYUTECH TIMES" Magazine
  10. finibo has been installed successfully at ANAC Tokyo Airport (Haneda) factory
  11. Advanced Robotics Excellent Paper Award
  12. Received Ph.D. degree from Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan)
  13. Our research work is cited at the WHILL's official web page
  14. Best Paper - Finalists award at HSI 2020 Conference
  15. Demonstration at iREX 2019
  16. Presented the research work at IEEE RO-MAN 2019
  17. Journal paper titled "A Framework for Robotic Clothing Assistance by Imitation Learning" is now available online
  18. Robotic Clothing Assistance was broadcasted by NHK Japan TV
  19. Our research work was featured by Nishi Nippon Japanese newspaper
  20. Demonstration of Robotic Clothing Assistance at West Japan General Exhibition Center Annex, Kokura (Japan)
  21. Demonstration of Robotic Clothing Assistance at iREX 2017
  22. First prize in HEBI Robotics Hackathon
  23. Award in Advances in Robotics 2017 Conference
  24. Conference paper "A Study on Human-Robot Collaboration for Table-setting Task" accepted
  25. Conference paper "Robotic cloth manipulation for clothing assistance task using Dynamic Movement Primitives" accepted
  26. Journal paper "Calibration and statistical techniques for building an interactive screen for learning of alphabets by children" accepted.
  27. Journal paper "Robot kinematics made easy using RoboAnalyzer software" accepted
  28. IIT Delhi engineers make learning fun
  29. Excellent Paper Award in 10th International collaboration Symposium on Information, Production and Systems (ISIPS 2016) by Waseda University, Japan.