Recently, I was honored to deliver two online lectures on robotics at NIT Patna (Bihar, India) on 20th September 2022 and at VIT-AP University (Andhra Pradesh, India) on 22nd October 2022. I noticed that students are getting interested in robotics more than before. The availability of open-source projects in robotics, such as ROS, etc., is a factor encouraging robotics in education. Tools such as ROS, Gazebo, RoboAnalyzer, and many more provide simulation environments that enable learning robotics without owning a real robot. On the other hand, I started acknowledging the efforts invested by teachers in delivering lectures while recognizing the intellectual level of every single student. Teaching looks easy, but it is definitely highly complex in reality. Nevertheless, this realization made me further grateful to my professors, teachers, seniors, and friends who taught me and shared their experiences. Thank you, everyone.

I look forward to serving by sharing my knowledge as much as possible.