Robotics is complicated. It is a combination of perception, planning, and control. However, the demographic trends in countries such as Japan, etc. are making it possible by means of robotics for significantly reducing the burden on the workers and reducing costs. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has given an additional push to robotics in almost every sector.

In this regard, I have been proudly working with TechMagic K.K. where we have been developing a robotic system named, "finibo" for the automatic tableware-sorting task. The robotic system "finibo" is a joint development of TechMagic and fujimak. It uses in-house developed cutting-edge AI technology for 6-dimensional conveyor tracking to enable highly accurate automatic tableware sorting. The system has been installed successfully at ANA Catering Services a.k.a. ANAC Tokyo Airport (Haneda) Factory.

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