Micro-mouse Simulation

This is an Artificial Intelligence project which shows visual simulation of micro-mouse using DFS and A* algorithm.

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Design and Fabrication of USB2.0 to Multiport Connector

A PC user cannot attach an external SATA/PATA devices directly to computer because of unavailability of these ports. In addition to that, more than four USB devices cannot be connected to a laptop. Hence, we developed the USB2.0 to Multiport Connector.

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This project was aimed for robot war event held in technical festival of IIT Bombay, India. This robot was capable of extreme fight in battle. This heavy bot uses its internal inertia and momentum to destroy the opponent.

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Design of microcontroller based Line follower robot

The aim was to design a fully automated robot which can follow any curved path with appropriate speed. Central part of the robot contains some TSOP sensors and an AtMega-8 microcontroller.

Hardware Component

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