Finibo (a.k.a. W-Robo)

The demographic changes, such as a rapidly aging society combined with a fallen fertility rate in developed nations such as Japan, pose new challenges. Furthermore, the global pandemic caused by the novel COVID-19 disease has undoubtedly given a push to additional safety and hygienic standards worldwide. Japan has been on the frontline for automation by inventing technologies to cope with challenges. 

The food industry in Japan kept affected severely by the labor shortage. Furthermore, the most common problems come from people working at sites with conveyor washing machines. They are forced to stand for long hours in a hot and humid environment, making it an unpleasant workplace. In this regard, TechMagic and Fujimak Japan jointly developed finibo, an automatic dish-sorting robot. finibo is designed for All Nippon Airways Catering (ANAC) company, which is responsible for catering services for aircraft. finibo is expected to optimize labor management and contribute to environments where further hygiene control is required.

By utilizing AI-based image recognition, the robot can sort dishes of various shapes and colors without needing recognition markers. Furthermore, by having the robot learn which tableware to use, it can handle more types of dishes. The in-house robot intelligent control technology automates tableware sorting of up to 600 plates/hour.


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